Sometimes candidates cannot travel to the UK to sit entrance exams at school and would like to sit the exams in Russia. We know that currently the main options are -  present school, British Council office or the agent. All of them are not ideal:  the school may not have the resources or desire to invigilate the exams, British Council in Moscow has a limited availability and is very expensive, agent may be biased.  If you are not happy with those options, we suggest you consider  ACADEMIX as an independent party that  could invigilate the exams for your candidates.

Why choose us:

·         We have a vast experience of exams invigilation, many schools trust us with this task

·         Our employees have experience of working at the British Council so we know all the procedures and rules of the invigilation

·         Our office is conveniently located in the center of Moscow

·         There is a parking lot nearby

·         Our office is open Monday to Friday 10 am to 7 pm (we can also provide exams invigilation at other times and even during the weekends)

·         We offer comfortable examination environment for invigilation purposes

·         The candidates enjoy friendly and welcoming atmosphere. There is always water/tea/coffee/hot chocolate on offer.

·         We can invigilate exams for individual candidates and up to 3 students simultaneously under strict exam conditions

·         Parents can drop students off  in our office and pick them up at the end of the exams. There are lots of nearby restaurants and cafes.  

·         For security reasons we always check candidate’s ID before the exam to make sure that the correct person is sitting the exams

·         Our exam fee that we charge the candidate is very competitive compared to the British Council. We only charge 30 GBP per hour.

·         The scanned papers are send to you for marking after the exam

·         At your request we can arrange for originals to be couriered to you or we can destroy the originals when you confirm to us that the papers have been marked.

·         We also have experience of carrying out on-line testing, arranging skype interviews in our office or taking pictures of the candidates

·         In case the student is represent by an agent we are happy to sign an agreement with you that we are not going to offer any placement advice to the student/parents

We are currently the authorised and the only testing center for UKiset in Moscow and we regularly invigilate the exams for The King’s School Canterbury, the Junior King’s School and many others. You are more than welcome to request references on our services from them.

For further details and possible cooperation please contact Anna Savinova at